Our Mission

IDEAA believes a diverse workforce of developers leads to new perspectives and higher-quality products.

Our mission is to develop robust partnerships with organizations to build, nurture, and educate a global community who celebrate technology as a medium for productivity, creativity, and connectedness. And provide underserved and underrepresented communities with access to development resources, educators, and leaders.

Our Plan

Software development is an excellent way to improve critical thinking and creativity. IDEAA hosts a wide variety of exciting and educational developer events in areas often skipped by more traditional tech conferences. Our events feature content for every proficiency level and encourage attendees to work with each other in an informal and fun setting.

Our Team

IDEAA is a nonprofit organization made up of passionate designers, developers, enthusiasts, and volunteers. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to explore the digitally-built world we now live in. IDEAA’s grassroots history means our team works and shares its purpose with a unique excitement and dedication.

Our Initiatives

IDEAA has created a dedicated fund to provide attendance and scholarship opportunities. Check out what we did with 150 students from the Dallas area at the 2015 Big Android BBQ:

Our 2016 Events

March of the Droids

March 18-19, 2016
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

DC Code Kitchen

April 9, 2016
Alexandria, VA

I/O Meat & Greet

May 18-20, 2016
Mountain View, CA

Detroit Code Kitchen

Summer 2016
Detroit, MI

Seattle Code Kitchen

August 2016
Seattle, WA

Big Android BBQ

October 21-22, 2016
Dallas, TX

Big Android BBQ Europe

November 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Your Opportunities

Opportunities for organizations and individuals interested in working with IDEAA.

Organization Opportunities

Alliance Member

As an alliance member you have the opportunity to participate in all of our events as well as hold a position on the alliance advisory board.

Annual Partner

As an annual partner you have the opportunity to participate in all events in our current annual cycle.

Event Sponsor

As an event sponsor you participate in the events you chose.

Individual Opportunities

Event Speaker

IDEAA encourages speakers of all skill levels to apply. If you would like to speak at an IDEAA event contact [email protected].


IDEAA holds events throughout the year and around the world. We love working with amazing teams of local volunteers. If you would like to help with an event near you please contact us at [email protected].